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Stable hosts at GFRK

A stable hosts task is to be visible in the stables so that the students can ask for help with the horses, or just to be there as moral support. The stable hosts are on site in the evenings during class time between approx. 16-19, and also on Saturdays. Anyone who has reached the age of 14 and who feels confident in handling horses can become a stable host. You don't have to have any previous experience, but you can learn a lot over time.

Benefits as a stable host are:

  • Spend time with the horses and get a deeper relationship with them

  • Learn about horse behavior and equipment

  • Stable riding in the form of outdoor riding when the weather permits

  • Theory lessons to learn more about horses, healthcare and equipment

  • When possible: fire training/CPR courses to be able to act in the stables when an accident occurs

Are you interested in becoming a stable host? Then you should email Malin, who is responsible!

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