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GFRK's Policies

Fire procedures

Fire routines for visitors of Göteborgs Fältrittklubb:

Read the orientation maps found in our entrances and stairwells. Make sure you know where they are, assembly point and fire extinguishers are.

If the fire alarm goes off, calmly go to the assembly point located at the power station and notify the evacuation officer who is equipped with a vest. Do not re-enter the building until the rescue personnel/evacuation officer has given the go-ahead.

If the alarm goes off while you are riding, dismount, bring your horse into the stall and secure it by placing the halter above the bridle. You must then move immediately but calmly to the collection point. In the event of a fire in the stable, the horses are evacuated to the paddock. Only staff may evacuate horses from the stable. Horses can react strongly to fire and become very difficult to handle.

Non smoking

Gothenburg's Fältrittklubb is a non-smoking facility. This means that it is forbidden to smoke both indoors and outdoors as long as you stay at the facility.

Read more about Smoking on the Swedish Equestrian Association's page here.

Alcohol and drug policy

Zero tolerance applies to alcohol and drugs at GFRK's facility. All activities must be conducted in a safe and healthy spirit.

• Maintain a safe and secure workplace and stables.
• Work for a sober and drug-free workplace and stables.
• Increase staff and members' knowledge of the risks of alcohol/drugs in connection with horses and riding.

• Prevent accidents
• Work for a sober/drug-free environment
• Good role models

Horse Keeping Policy

The horse must be treated with respect, care, love and knowledge. The horse must be able to move freely and see friends every day, as well as have well-adapted and cleaned equipment. The horse must be continuously trained and maintained in terms of riding, for long durability, and to provide a pleasant riding experience. The horse must be given the best conditions for physical and mental well-being.

• GFRK must have horses that thrive and are cared for correctly
• The riding school must have well-educated horses with training in LA dressage and LC jumping
• Well maintained equipment

• Continuous training of horses and instructors
• More training of students in handling horses and equipment
• Set aside more money for the equipment and try to seek more external sponsorship to  the equipment

• Statistics on how long the equipment remains/lasts
• Evaluation of how the goals are met each year

Communication Policy

At GFRK, we communicate directly, clearly, openly and quickly.

Us members are well informed about our activities, loyal to our core values and responsible for taken decisions.

Goal purpose:
• Our members are well informed about what is happening at GFRK.
• Our members should be able to easily find the information they need.
• Our members must know how to go about influencing GFRK.
• Avoid rumors and speculation.
• Each member does PR for GFRK.

Ensured by:
• Fast and simultaneous information.
• Systematization of how our information channels are used.
• The instructor's role as informant develops.
• Information between the board and staff is coordinated by the operations manager before publication.
• Establishing a communication plan.

• Annual evaluation.
• Follow-up of the communication plan

Member Relations Policy

At GFRK, all members are welcomed and together we take responsibility for each other.
In order for GFRK to function as a non-profit association, we all depend on everyone paying their fees on time.
At GFRK we respect each other and do not accept bullying or harassment.

If GFRK's basic values and guiding principles are not followed, the following measures are taken:

  • Step 1 - The member is denied participation in competitions and events

  • Step 2 - The member is excluded from the riding group

  • step 3 - The member is excluded from the association

• With well-trained staff and with members who respect our policy, together we hope to attract more satisfied members to GFRK.

Environmental policy

Increase members' awareness of how everyday actions and choices can contribute to a positive development of the environment.

• Efficient energy use
• Coordinated, environmentally friendly purchases
• Recycling
• To live up to applicable environmental laws
• A good working environment in sustainable development.
• Increase staff and members' knowledge of the risks of alcohol/drugs in connection with horses and riding.

We have an environmentally responsible board member.

Security Policy

At GFRK, safety always comes first when handling horses. Our safety work takes place through continuous training, maintenance of equipment as well as documentation and analysis of all incidents.

All work is carried out with a preventive aim and is colored by our core values: safe and secure.

Goal purpose:
• Maintain a safe place for staff and members.
• Provide opportunities for staff and members to receive safety training.
• Work to maintain a high quality of knowledge about security.
• Prevent incidents and accidents.

Ensured by:
• Training of: Staff, new students, everyone not just beginners, parents, every time there is theory week you should have a new safety briefing.
• Documentation of incidents for regular follow-up and analysis.

After each semester, an evaluation is made of:
• Trainings, staff/members
• Incident folder, events/actions

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