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Price information

The riding lessons are always paid in advance. 

Spring semester: 24-25 lessons

Autumn semester: 20-21 lessons

Price information autumn semester 2023

Membership fee per year

Junior SEK 270

Senior SEK 475

Family SEK 850

Horse riding 30 min 

10 students in the group SEK 176

8 students in the group SEK 224

Riding lesson 60 min Junior

10 students in the group SEK 293

8 students in the group SEK 364

Riding lesson 60 min Senior

10 students in the group SEK 361

8 students in the group SEK 453 

Special group 60 min Junior (required to ride in two groups a week)

8 students in the group SEK 310

6 students in the group SEK 350

Special group 60 min Senior (required to ride in two groups a week)

8 students in the group SEK 389

6 students in the group SEK 408

Special group 75 min Junior (required to ride in two groups a week)

8 students in the group SEK 324

6 students in the group SEK 426

Special group 75 min Senior (required to ride in two groups a week)

8 students in the group SEK 408

6 students in the group SEK 543

Jumping group 75 min Junior (not special group)

8 students in the group SEK 437

Jumping group 75 min Senior (not special group)

8 students in the group SEK 494

WE group 75 min Junior (not special group)

8 students in the group SEK 324

WE group 75 min Senior (not special group)

8 students in the group SEK 408

Private lesson 45 min

SEK 720

Pony riding 30 min

8 students in the group SEK 190


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Spring semester invoices are sent out in mid-December (with 14 days until the final payment date).

Invoices for the autumn semester are sent in mid-June.

Invoices for locker rentals are sent at the beginning of each semester and are invoiced separately.



As a rider at the riding school, you must be a member of the association and understand that it is a non-profit association and not a company. This means that you are not only a customer of ours, with your membership you also own part of the association, thus you are expected to take care of it and put in a certain amount of voluntary work.

As a member, you are expected to contribute at least one day of voluntary work per semester in connection with competitions, cleaning days or other events. The work can be spread over two occasions and it is always welcome to contribute more days! Officials must be 15 years old, if the riding school student is younger, the assignment goes to his guardian. Examples of voluntary tasks are: Track staff, cleaning staff or other tasks that occur during competitions/clinics/events and the like. Information and/or training will of course be offered so that the clerical work will be educational and provide positive experiences.

We have a common economy across the section boundaries and all the money the association receives is invested in the business. This means that when you contribute to the business and it makes a profit, you contribute to increasing the possibility of buying good horses and ponies for the riding school, new equipment, obstacles, equipping the facility and much more. There is no owner who makes a profit from our business, together we are the association.

As a member of a democratic association, you have the right to make your voice heard by attending the annual meeting, getting involved in board work or sitting in one of our sections (the competition committee and the youth section). Everyone is needed here!


The riding subscription is personal and may not be transferred. The riding school reserves the right to change the riding time and group division at any time during the current semester if required. The riding time, regardless of group level, includes time for mounting and dismounting as well as forward and/or dismounting during jumping lessons. When you have attended your first three trial lessons or have paid your first invoice, you undertake to stay up-to-date and to follow the applicable subscription rules. These rules must be available on the website. In cases where the student is a minor, the guardian is responsible for following the subscription rules.

All members are automatically insured against accidents to, from and during the activity arranged by Göteborgs Fältrittklubb. You can find more information about the insurance at


As a subscriber, you undertake to pay a fixed lesson fee until you cancel your subscription in writing and your notice period has expired. The fee for the subscription must be paid in advance no later than the date stated on the invoice for the subscription.

New subscriptions

As a newcomer to the riding school, you can cancel your subscription in writing after 1-3 lessons. However, a fee is always paid for these lessons according to the applicable lesson fees. If you have not unsubscribed in writing by the third lesson at the latest, you commit to a subscription to the riding school. Beginners do not have these trial lessons, but the current notice period is applied.

Termination of subscription

Cancellation of a riding subscription takes place in writing to , delivered directly to the office on site or sent to Gfrk, Töpelsgatan 16, 416 55 Gothenburg. You will receive a confirmation that your cancellation has been registered. Save your sent email until you receive the confirmation.

Cancellation of riding subscriptions before the spring semester must take place no later than November 1 and before the autumn semester no later than May 1. Exceptions can be made in case of long-term illness/injury upon presentation of a medical certificate and pregnancy. If the place is not canceled in time, you will be liable for payment before the next semester. 

Return/sell and exchange lessons

Cancellations for riding lessons must reach the riding school no later than 2 p.m. on the same day as the riding lesson, no later than 2 p.m. Friday for cancellations valid for Saturday. In order for us to be able to plan the horses' work in the best way, it is important that you cancel your riding lesson if you cannot come.

It is permitted to let another student (who has his own regular seat at the riding school) who rides at the same or higher level as you ride instead of you up to 3 times/semester. These 3 occasions include both sold and exchanged lessons.

In total, you can therefore sell or exchange 3 occasions per semester.

We do not apply re-riding.

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