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Returns, Exchanges & sale of lessons

In order for us to be able to plan the horses' work in the best way, it is important that you cancel your offer as you cannot come to your riding lesson. If you want, you can exchange or sell your riding lesson to a student who has his own regular place at the riding school and who rides at the same or higher level.Changing and selling lessons may take place a maximum of three times per semester.


Do you wish to change riding group or lesson time for the semester?

Contact the occupancy manager by

Return offers for riding lessons must reach us as early as possible, but no later than 2 pm on the same day that the riding lesson takes place. If the cancellation applies to a riding lesson on a Saturday, please let us know by Friday at 4pm.


Here's how you proceed to cancel an offer:
Ordinary riding lesson.

Leave an offer via
Private lesson: Submit cancellation to
Course: Submit cancellation to
Pony riding: Leave cancellation to


Exchange, sell and buy riding lessons
Exchanges are not made under GFRK's auspices, but are permitted. Exchanges and sales must, however, be notified to the riding school no later than 2 p.m. on the same day as the riding lesson takes place, for Saturday lessons we would like to receive the information on Friday. Remember that we do not intend to change horses on the rider who changed the lesson so the person who bought the lesson must be able to ride the horse that the student who sold the lesson had the lesson before. You, who sold your lesson, inform the riding instructor about this by writing a note in Hippocrates. In order to exchange, sell and buy lessons, it is required that both riders have their own regular seat at the riding school. Exchanges and sales of lessons may take place a maximum of three times per semester and group. In other words, it is not permitted to sell three lessons in order to then exchange additional lessons.

Who can you trade with, sell to or buy from?
-You may switch with another lesson rider at your level, provided the rider can ride your horse.
-You may sell to another lesson rider at your level and above, provided the rider can ride your horse.
-You may buy from another lesson rider at your level and below, provided the rider can ride your horse.

Back riding
At Göteborgs Fältrittklubb there is no opportunity to re-ride. Göteborgs Fältrittklubb is a non-profit organization that is owned and run by the members. A system with redraw would mean a lot of administrative work and a financial cost for the association. Instead, we offer the opportunity for our students to exchange or sell lessons between each other.

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