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Do you want to start riding with us? Read more here The riding school 


Financial questions? You can reach us by phone 0760-29 41 22
Monday at 15.00–16.00 (closed for Holidays throughout July)

Questions about the riding school? You can reach us by phone 0760-29 51 22 Tuesday at 09.00–11.00. (closed for Holidays throughout July)

The easiest way to reach us at other times is by e-mail. Contact details can be found below:

Riding school, courses, private

Riding group, queue

Invoices, cabinets, office

The business, staff, facility, sponsors,



Competition 072-3010797 

(phone only during ongoing competition)

Stallets öppettider

För att se till så hästarna får sina vilotider är det viktigt
att respektera stallets öppettider. Har du privatlektion eller annan avtalad tid så är du såklart välkommen utanför stallets ordinarie öppettider!

Vardagar: 15.00- 21.00
Lördagar: 08.00 - 15.00
Söndagar: Vid tävling eller aktivitet

Find us

You can find Göteborgs Fältrittklubb at Töpelsgatan 16, Gothenburg. We are located in the beautiful Delsjö terrain.


Line 5 passes the stop named Töpelsgatan. Get off there and walk straight up the hill towards the Delsjö area. The walk is estimated to take approximately five minutes. Our facility is on the left.

There is a pedestrian and cycle path parallel to Delsjövägen and Munkebäcksvägen all the way between Korsvägen/S:t Sigfrids Plan and Munkebäckstorget.

From Munkebäckstorget:
The entrance to Gothenburg's Fältrittklubb is on the left and is the one after the entrance to Skatås and Lisebergsbyn.

From Korsvägen/S:t Sigfrids Plan:
Töpelsgatan is located on the right, after the entrance to Stora Torp.


E6, exit Örgrytemotet.
Follow the signs towards Lisebergsbyn.
Pass the entrance to Stora Torp.
Shortly after the entrance to Stora Torp, the sign "RIDHUS" will appear on the right. Then turn into Töpelsgatan.
Our facility is on the left.

E20, exit Munkebäcksmotet.
Follow the signs towards Lisebergsbyn.
Drive all the way down Munkebäcksvägen and further onto Delsjövägen.
Drive past the sign and the entrance to Lisebergsbyn.
Take the next exit (sign "RIDHUS") on the left (Töpelsgatan).
Our facility is on the left.

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