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Riding school schedule & group division

The spring semester 2023 runs between January 2 and June 21. The riding school has lessons six days a week, including public holidays with the exception of May 1.

Here you will findlesson schedule for the spring semester 2023. 
Here you will find schedule forstable chores and a brief description of the stable choreshere

Here you will find prel.lesson planHT23

Our riding groups


Regular riding groups 
In our regular groups, there is a maximum of 10 students/group. We offer riding groups from beginner to advanced level. The groups are usually all-round, but we also have groups that are completely focused on dressage, jumping and working equitation. 
We base our group divisions on the Swedish Equestrian Association's rider marks, but have also chosen to shape the group levels based on GFRK's teaching.Here you can read more about our levels and what they mean.

Riding games

Beginner group
Continuation group
Brand 1 – White group
Brand 2 – Green group
Brand 3 – Red group
Brand 4 – Yellow group
Brand 5 – Blue group

Development and competition groups 
In order to be included in our development and competition groups in jumping and dressage, it is required that the student also rides at least once a week in a regular group. As a student in our development and competition groups, you are expected to get extra involved in the association, for example by helping out during the club's competitions. 

Development group
Competition group

Friday courses 
The courses have different themes. During the lessons, we focus on something special that we practice a little extra. Report via your login inthe student portal. Are you interested in participating in one of our Friday courses, but lack a regular place in one of our riding groups? You are welcome when we have ascertained what level you ride at and when you have become a member. If you lack a riding certificate from another riding school, book a private lesson with us and have your riding skills assessed. 


Flexiriding is perfect for those who do not want a fixed place in a group in the evening. The group has eight places and is open from white level up. You must be able to ride all gaits. Flexiriding takes place every Tuesday except during our theory weeks. You prepare your horse yourself before the lesson. After the lesson, we let the horses out together. Registration takes place from one time to another viathe student portal. 

Private lessons 
The private lesson is 45 minutes with a riding instructor. You cannot book jumping lessons, as the horses only jump at our group lessons, courses and competitions. To ride a private lesson, membership in Gothenburg's Fältrittklubb is required. From the moment you ride on the green level, forward and backward steps can take place independently before and after the lesson. For riders under the age of 18 and less experienced riders, progress and decline take place during the lesson. For beginners, horse dressing/undressing also takes place during the lesson. The private lessons are published inthe student portal where you also book your lesson. 

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