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The guiding stars of equestrian sports

In order for everyone to enjoy and feel safe in equestrian sport, both horses and people, equestrian sport has gathered around a few guiding stars.

The horse
I handle the horse in a way that I can stand for and that I am proud of in front of the outside world 
I treat all horses with respect. 
I make sure that the horse is in a safe and secure environment and I react if it goes wrong. 
I train and compete in interaction with the horse and do not demand more than what we have the conditions to cope with. 

I myself am responsible for increasing my knowledge and competence about the horse.
The human
I show respect for all people. 
I affirm and praise others
I tell you openly and clearly if I have different tasks and roles
I am a good role model for equestrian sports
I take responsibility and act if someone breaks our rules

If GFRK's basic values and guiding principles are not followed, the following measures are taken:

  • Step 1 - The member is denied participation in competitions and events

  • Step 2 - The member is excluded from the riding group

  • step 3 - The member is excluded from the association

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