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Riding games

From the year you turn 5, you can participate in the equestrian playgroups. The aim is that in a playful way you can try handling the horse, walking and trotting with the help of a  accompanying parent or other adult (over 18). The children ride without stirrups to find their balance in the saddle and do a lot of balance exercises during lessons. You can then move on to the beginner group from the year you turn 7.

Rules for riding games:

  • The adult must be with, both in the stable and in the riding house.

  • You must be there at least 15 minutes before the lesson to see which horse you will ride.

  • If you are late for the lesson, the opportunity is missed for safety reasons.

  • The instructor decides which horse to ride and what happens in the lesson.

  • Clothing/equipment:

  • Helmet and safety vest (can be borrowed from us!)

  • Closed shoe with heel or riding boot.

  • Long pants, long-sleeved shirt without a hood.

  • Updo hair if you have long hair.

​Course content

  • Walking steering exercises

  • Balance exercises

  • Outdoor ride with leader in stride

  • Try trotting

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