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Pony riding

Not all children want to ride in a fixed group and then pony riding is a good alternative. All children are welcome regardless of previous riding experience from the year they turn 5. Parents lead their children themselves. Pony rides take place on Fridays. The groups accommodate a maximum of 8 students and the lessons are 30 minutes long - including pick-up and drop-off
deposition. Horse riding takes place in the riding house or when the weather permits in the beautiful Delsjö area. We practice starting, stopping and turning. We gather 15 minutes before the start of the lesson for distribution of horses and payment.
Pony riding costs SEK 190/time and is paid by card or swish on site.
The pony ride is booked via There you look up Ponyriding in Gothenburg and select Östra Manege in the calendar. Find the event you want to sign up for in the calendar and click, and you will be taken to the booking page. Registration is open until 18.00 the day before the pony ride.

If you do not arrive at the booked time, the occasion will be invoiced afterwards.

When riding a pony, the rider must wear comfortable clothes, long sleeves and a full shoe with a heel that fits well on the foot so that they do not slip off when riding without stirrups. For long hair, please put the hair up to prevent it from getting into the eyes. A helmet and safety vest must of course be worn (can be borrowed from the riding school).

Parent who leads children must have suitable shoes, non-sore and comfortable clothes. In addition, you should have the stamina for a fast walking pace. For safety reasons, the person leading the horse needs to have their full attention on the rider. Therefore, younger siblings, dogs and other things that require your attention are not suitable to bring along to the ride.

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