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Beginner group/ Beginner course children

You can join the beginner group from the year you turn 7. When you start at the riding school, you have a lot of theory in connection with the lessons in order to learn how to handle and care for the horse in a safe way. Expect this to last at least one semester. In the riding house, a parent or other adult (over the age of 18) is expected to accompany and initially lead the horse. The children ride without stirrups to find their balance in the vertical seat, which we call the basic seat, and do a lot of balance exercises during lessons. The parent/other adult must also be in the stable at first and help with the care, as it may be difficult to reach or dare, but remember that the child must learn to tidy up the horse himself. You need to be there at least 30 minutes before lessons start to prepare your horse.

Goals for beginner group:

  • Be able to catch the horse in the box and secure it.

  • Be able to brush, groom and scratch the horse's hooves with some help. 

  • Able to saddle and bridle with some help.

  • Be able to lead the horse and line up on the center line with a safe distance.

  • Be able to get on and off safely.

  • Able to ride at a walk, steer and stop.

  • Be able to ride out in stride with a leader.

  • Know the rules of the stable and understand the horse's signals.

  • Know simpler colors, signs and body parts of the horse, as well as the parts of the saddle and bridle.

  • Try trotting.

Course content

  • The student must practice his skills in being able to brush the horse, scratch the hooves, saddle and bridle his horse with some help.

  • The student must learn to lead the horse into the stable, be able to get on and off the horse safely.

  • Knowledge of safety and stable rules.

  • Steering exercises at a walk and after training also perform these at a trot, depending on skill level.

  • Outdoor ride with leader in stride.

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