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Brand 5- blue group


  • The student must pass the Equestrian Association's riding badge with a passing result on the theory test, dressage program and passing jumping test.

  • The student must ride all types of horses in an appropriate form

  • The student must be able to ride younger horses

Course content

  • In the blue group, higher demands are placed on the student to be able to independently work the horse in a good form based on the educational scale.

  • Practice timing and ride with a good sense of rider

  • Ride younger and less trained horses

  • Start with back flips and schools 

  • Master and apply the training scale to more and more horses, the student must also be able to release more and more horses.

  • Begin straightening work

  • Jumping with character obstacles and more technical courses

  • Cross-country jumping


  • The horse's exterior

  • The horse's work from the ground

  • To buy a horse

  • Management of a sick horse

  • Breeding

  • Assistance in the movements that are ridden in the lessons

  • Immersion in the educational scale

  • The young horse

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