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Brand 4- yellow group


  • The student must pass the Equestrian Association's rider mark 5 with an approved theory test, dressage program LB:1 and jumping.

  • The student must be able to ride all types of horses in good working form and balance indoors and outdoors in jumping and dressage.

Course content

  • The student must gain knowledge of what a loose and yielding horse is.

  • The rider's aids are further refined

  • The student must be able to ride the bow in and the rear part taken, with greater demands on precision

  • The student must be able to improve his influence so that he can regulate the number of canter jumps and guide the horse to a good starting point.

  • The student must be able to analyze his strengths and weaknesses as a rider

  • Seat training

  • Correction of moves made in previous levels

  • Master different positions with higher demands on balance and impact

  • Track jumping

  • Possible cross-country jumping

  • Outdoor ride


  • The horse's internal organs: digestive, respiratory and circulatory organs.

  • Parasites and deworming plan

  • Feed state calculation

  • Immersion in the educational scale

  • The horse's different forms of work

  • Distance table in jumping and how different factors affect distances between obstacles.

  • Assistance for the movements that the student rides

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