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Brand 1- white group

To become a white group, you write a theory test and ride a predetermined program. In the lessons, you then practice refining your skills and deepening the knowledge you have acquired previously. You must also understand the guiding principles of equestrian sport and be able to spend time with the horse in a safe manner.


  • Consolidate and repeat previously acquired knowledge.

  • Be able to ride the horse at a walk, trot and gallop in a good own balance.

  • Be able to influence the horse in a more correct way.

  • Work with bent tracks and the horse's stance.

  • Able to ride in walk and trot.

  • Be able to read the horse's body language and communicate with the horse in a safe way.

  • Be able to understand the importance of the rider's health and know how to train and eat to feel good.

  • Understand and apply the guiding stars of equestrian sports.

  • Try jumping small obstacles.

Course content

  • The student must be able to prepare the horse for riding.

  • The student must gain knowledge of what is the inner and outer side.

  • The student must gain an understanding of the rider's various aids and how they are used. The student must be able to understand the difference in pace, tempo and know what the turning points are and use them.

  • In practice, there will be a lot of focus on developing the rider's balance to eventually have a better impact, this can be applied through seat training without stirrups in walk and trot, riding in a light seat over bars in all gaits and balance exercises.

  • The student must gain an understanding of what a vertical seat is and practice being able to apply it. The student must be able to ride a correct round vault with the help of good balance and influence.

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