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Continuation group

It is the instructor who decides when a beginner group moves on and becomes a continuation group. In this group, you start riding independently in walk and trot, practice your seat and balance and ride more difficult steering and balance exercises. When the students can trot without stirrups with good balance and control over the horse, they learn to adjust stirrup leathers as well as to master easy riding and easy seat, ride over bars and start trying to gallop.

Goals for continuation group:

  • Consolidate and repeat previously acquired knowledge.

  • Be able to independently prepare the horse for lessons.

  • Able to ride all riding routes in walk and trot.

  • Gain knowledge about the various aids and how they are used.

  • Be able to ride easily on the right seat leg and ride in a vertical and easy seat.

  • Gain knowledge about the horse's equipment and understand the difference between different types of equipment.

  • Gain more insight into what the horse needs to feel good.

  • Know the most common horse breeds.

  • Able to ride in walk and trot.

  • Try riding on curved tracks and start working on the horse's posture.

  • Try galloping.

Course content

  • The student must learn to master light riding and know how to sit on the correct sitting leg.

  • The student trains his seat and balance in walking and trotting

  • Train on an easy seat with and without bars

  • Train all riding routes in trot

  • The student tries to gallop

  • Outdoor riding at walk and possibly trot

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