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Pay & jump & Pay & ride

Current dates, propositions, registration, rider notification, etc. will be notified below Our competitions

Registration takes place via the competition database

Payment takes place on site with Swish.

Our riding school riders, as well as riders with their own horses from our own and other clubs are welcome to participate.

Rules according to the competition regulations, TR will be applied, with the exception of the rider's clothing which is optional.

If you come with your own horse, a vaccination certificate can be presented on request.

The training competition and the front riding will take place in a riding house or paddock under cover.

Preliminary start lists are published below Our competitions no later than two days before the start of the competition.

ATTENTION! We have limited parking options and therefore reserve the right to cancel crews based on if the number becomes too large.

ATTENTION! Cancellations that come later than 18:00 on the Wednesday before the current Pay & Ride or Pay & Jump will be billed.

Remember everyone is here to learn, be nice and helpful to each other and we'll all have a great day!

For questions email or call 031-25 60 10.


A warm welcome to us at Göteborgs Fältrittklubb!


The purpose of Pay & Jump and Pay & Ride is preparing riders and horses for competition. The riders get the opportunity to learn how a competition works and help as officials.

The concept is based on everyone who participates being helped throughout the day. Those who ride in the first classes help to build the track and those who ride the last classes help to build out the track at Pay & Jump. The reason for this is to be able to keep costs down for you riders.

Here you will find our rules for those who participate with a lesson horse: Pay & Jump/Ride with lesson horse 


Information for riding school riders who will participate in Pay & Ride

  • Riding school riders may register from the Junior-Red and Senior-Green groups.

  • To ride LB or higher, you must have your instructor's approval.

  • You get to practice competing in dressage; learn a program, warm up, ride for judges and be judged.

  • Everyone helps out as officials during the day.

  • Riding school riders must have completed and passed a preparatory course before they can start Pay & Ride Students with a green card do not need to attend the course.


Information for riding school riders who will participate in Pay & Jump

  • Riding school riders who participate must ride in at least a red group and talk to their instructor before registering for approval.

  • Riding school riders riding in red group may jump a maximum of 50 cm on ponies &  60 cm on horse, yellow group max 60 cm on pony & 70 cm on horse, blue group max 80 cm on horse.  Development group and competition group determine height together with their instructor.

  • Riding school riders must be out in good time to prepare their horse before and after the start.

  • Riding school riders must have completed and passed a preparatory course before they can compete Pay & Jump. Students with a green card do not need to take the course.

If the participant does not comply with the above directives, for safety reasons, they may not participate in these events again.


Problem solving if you cannot register an unlicensed horse

  1. Click on "My Pages" on TDB, Click on "Horses".

  2. Click on "New horse".

  3. Select "Manual horse" (far right) and fill in information.

  4. Save.

  5. Now you can register because the horse is in "My horses"



Preparatory course for Pay & Jump and Pay & Ride

The course is aimed at those who have or want to start riding Pay & Jumps, Pay & Rides, as well as club competitions. It is there to increase knowledge before starting these training competitions so that safety and preparation will be better.

We feel that more and more people are taking part and then it is important that everyone receives the same information about how to warm up their horse, which rules apply and useful tips for a successful ride.

The course is mandatory for our riding school students in order to join and participate in Pay & Jump, Pay & Rides and other internal club competitions, e.g. the series dressage. If you have a green card, you do not need to complete this course.

The course includes one hour of theory and ends with a small knowledge test that must be passed before the rider can start.

We recommend that you join at least a green group before you participate in the course, you have the opportunity to participate in Pay & Jump and Pay & Rides from red group (From V-green on Pay & Ride) after instructor's approval.

Course dates

Course dates are continuously presented during the course of the semester.

Registration takes place via your customer login at Not cancelable in the portal. Email us in the event of an obstacle, no later than 2 days before the occasion. The course fee of SEK 110 per participant will be invoiced.

If you have questions, send an email to

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