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Rent lockers

As a member of GFRK, you can rent a large or small cabinet at the facility. You get a lock for the cabinet yourself.

• Membership is required to rent lockers. Lesson riders and box holders are given priority.

• GFRK is not responsible for what you keep in your locker.

• It is not permitted to transfer your locker to someone else.

• If your locker needs repair, contact the office immediately.

• It is important that you check that the cabinet you use has the same number mentioned on your invoice. If not, contact the office immediately.

• Invoices regarding the locker rentals are sent at the beginning of each semester and are invoiced separately.

• In order not to be charged a term fee, termination must be us available before the start of the semester.

• Termination of lockers is notified to the office. You must empty the cupboard completely from possessions, wash away any smudges on doors and walls, and leave it unlocked.

Cost of renting lockers

Rent a small locker SEK 315 per semester started

Rent a large locker SEK 560 per semester started


Expression of interest:

Are you interested in a cabinet? Contact the office at When it's your turn, we'll try to reach you by phone, if we can't reach you, you an email to be answered within three days. Unanswered email is interpreted as like you declined the locker and you lose your place in the queue but are welcome to join the queue again.

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