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Payment procedures

Payment procedures at Göteborgs Fältrittklubb.


This is a short version of the information availible. If you have any questions, please contact us via email och phone. 


Please note that riding lessons take place in a fixed group every week. Lessons are always paid in advance. Your first invoice also include the year’s membership fee.




The autumn semester has about 20 lessons depending on the holidays and on which day you ride. The spring semester is about 25 lessons. Written/emailed termination no later than May 1st for the autumn semester and november 1st for the spring semester. Lessons as usual on bank holidays and school holidays.


If you wish to split your bill on four payment occasions, it is possible at a fee of 100SEK. The office should be notified in advance to see to that your bill gets two due to dates. If not, you will get an automatic reminder fee when the original due to date expires.


Test riding in a fixed group


You have the opportunity to test ride three times in the same group for three weeks in a row if you are new with us. 


If you choose not to continue, you will be charged your ridden/booked lessons plus a temporary membership fee. You are responsible for notifying the instructor or email the office at the latest on your third test occasion if you don’t want to continue. 


We hope you will stay with us!



Termination of subscripted riding lessons.

Termination of the ride subscriptions shall be made in writing to the office (via mail, email or submit in the office). Upon termination when the period started you will be charged for 2 riding months from termination date. Exception can be made if we are able to get someone to replace you.

Note that non-payment is not accepted as dismissal. You will receive an emailed confirmation of your cancellation when registered. Save your sent email until you receive your confirmation. Send your notice to: Göteborgs Fältrittklubb, Töpelsgatan 16, 416 55 Göteborg, or This is a mailto link.


To help you remember important dates, we email important information and put up posters in the entrance. Be sure to update your email address to us so you do not miss anything important in vain.


Don’t hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions.


Phone 031-25 60 10 (option 2) This is a mailto link

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Hösttermin 2022:

1 augusti - 23 december, ridning alla dagar (även röda dagar)


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Ridskolan, kurser, privatlektioner:

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Telefontid tisdagar kl. 09-11 på tel: 0760-29 51 22 


Ridgrupp, kölista:
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Telefontid tisdagar kl. 09-11 på tel: 0760-29 51 22


Fakturor, skåp, övriga kanslifrågor:
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Telefontid måndagar kl. 15-16 på tel: 0760-29 41 22 (semesterstängt v.27-31)


Verksamheten, personal, anläggning, djurhållning:

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