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Göteborgs Fältrittklubb is one of Sweden’s biggest horse riding schools. It is located in the beautiful Delsjö area only a few minutes from the centre of Göteborg.  It´s a non-profit association with about 1,000 members. There are about 35 horses and 15 ponies in the riding school stable and some privately owned horses in the adjacent member stable.

We offer lessons for qualified riding instructors. The riding school have scheduled lessons Monday-Saturday. There are other activities on Sundays such as competitions. Our members take lessons on a regular, weekly basis. (You can´t rent a horse for a day or go out horseback trekking on your own).

Please note that our classes are mainly in swedish. If the instructor is comfortable translating, he or she can do that for you, but we recommend you trying to learn terms and intructions in swedish.

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Hösttermin 2022:

1 augusti - 23 december, ridning alla dagar (även röda dagar)


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Ridskolan, kurser, privatlektioner:

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Telefontid tisdagar kl. 09-11 på tel: 0760-29 51 22 


Ridgrupp, kölista:
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Telefontid tisdagar kl. 09-11 på tel: 0760-29 51 22


Fakturor, skåp, övriga kanslifrågor:
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Telefontid måndagar kl. 15-16 på tel: 0760-29 41 22 (semesterstängt v.27-31)


Verksamheten, personal, anläggning, djurhållning:

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Kungälvs gardens center


När du ändå handlar på nätet - handla här och stöd Göteborgs Fältrittklubb!



Göteborgs FK - Ridsport
Töpelsgatan 16
41655 Göteborg

Tel: 0760294122
E-post: verksamhetschef@gfrk...