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Göteborgs Fältrittsklubb is one of Sweden’s biggest horse riding schools. It is located in the beautiful Delsjö area only a few minutes from Gothenburg’s centrum.  We are a non-profit association with about 800 members. In the stable we have about 35 horses and 15 ponies working in the riding school and a big riding area.

The riding school have ordinary lessons Monday-Saturday, on the Sundays we have other activities like competitions etc. When you ride at our riding school you have an ordinary place in a riding group that rides a certain time for example every Tuesday. There are no opportunity to rent a horse just for a day or for go out trekking by yourself. We can only offer you education in horse riding in an ordinary group for a riding instructor.

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Vårterminen 2020: 2 januari - 17 juni, ridning alla dagar förutom 1:a maj











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Töpelsgatan 16
41655 Göteborg

Tel: 031256010
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